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 Since ancient times in all events organized around the elevation physical value of individuals. Appears on the agenda of certain games Celtic twenty centuries before Christ and becomes one of the five events of the pentathlon of the Games Olympics in 708 BC.


While it was not always practiced with form we know today, "the first helped athletes of small dumbbells to increase their results, "continues the long jump being one of the athletic disciplines less affected by the changes techniques and materials which characterize times to modern sport. In this sense remains a Comparison privileged to judge evolution of the physical possibilities of Man through the centuries.


Let us note in this connection that in 1874, the Irishman John Lane surpasses the mark of 7 m. (7.05 m.) And the 7.50 m. were made in 1900 by the American Myer Prinstein.

The first jumper modern, ie using a technique similar to existing jumpers will be the

American Hart Hubbart achieve the 7.89 in 1925 and dominates the specialty for a long period in this Time, the two styles of scissors and extension have appeared.

Finally, in 1935 Jesse Owens breaks the barrier of 8 m. (8.13 m.), A record that will be maintained for 25. Jump Manual The specialty stagnates after this until the Olympic Games in Mexico, in which Bob Beamon, With 8, 90 m. seemed to put the record inaccessible limits. But the emergence of new jumpers


"Phenomenon" as Carl Lewis and Mike Powell would change the course of events. So, in 1991, Mike Powell beat this record, prematurely dubbed "Jump the century", performing 8.95 m.


The Wall of 7, 50 m., long considered inaccessible, it has now passed and record

The world is held by the Russian Christiakova with a jump of 7.52 m. (1988).




Career phase


Together with clay forms the basis of the jump. Must be previously talonada (measured with precision), and has

Carried out in progression and with great thigh lift the penultimate support is longer than the other and the last is the shortest.


Phase whipped

The transforms whipped career jump. Start with the support foot on the table and whipped ends with the loss of that contact the foot-off reaches the floor board (relying completely). Claret School Aranda - Disc Physical Education and Sports by Israel Delgado This document is a guide to the theoretical developed in the classroom to 1st year of CSE on Jumps in athletics in no case are all content presented in class. Long jump, triple jump and Table ALTURATras JUMP exists a strip of clay that if you receive any mark, however small, of Jump jumper will qualify as "null". Extending off leg matches will be complete and the elevation of the free leg bent at this stage there is also a strong movement of arms upwards.

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